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2011 Symposium Working Group

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Scholars from northeast Brazil, Costa Rica, southeast Mexico, Nicaragua, Italy, and the United States gathered for a think-tank international week April 18-22, 2011 to examine Latin America’s equity-gap challenges using a community engagement approach. The MSU 2011 signature symposium, Diminishing Latin America’s Inequalities: Land, food and human health strategies, opened with a presentation by Ernesto Cardenal, Latin America’s foremost living poet, who spoke on The Origin of Species and Other Poems. The keynote address—Brazil’s Unified Health System May Promote Social Inequality: Paradox or dialectic?—was followed by invited speakers that addressed how rural families and communities suffer inequality. A post-symposium working group met to delineate collaborative actions to better meet intercultural needs and goals.

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Mexico Working Group Summary

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A working group of about 15 invited speakers and MSU faculty members met on April 23 to continue deliberations following the April 21-22, 2010 symposium, Regional Inequality in Times of Globalization. This workshop activity was fundamentally catalyzed by symposium speaker presentations and discussions. The working group easily found common ground in consensus about priority issues, themes and opportunities for collaboration. The consensus centered on a rural livelihoods engagement model for southeastern Mexico. The result is a working document of current thinking and not a final group strategy.

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